We examine the impact of the tendency for modernization to foster a creeping secularism in the 19th C.

The title of this 145th episode of CS is Liberal.

The term “modern” as it relates to the story of history, has been treated differently by dozens of authors, historians and sociologists. Generally speaking, Modernization is the process by which agricultural and rural traditions morph into an industrial, technological and urban milieu that tends to be democratic, pluralistic, socialist, and/or individualistic.
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We take a look at what’s happening in the Eastern Church during the 17th to 20th Century.

The title of this 144th episode is Coping.

A quick announcement before we dive in.

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It’s time once again to lay down our focus on the Western Church to see what’s happening in the East.
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143-Coming Apart

Christianity as a religion becomes a diminishing factor in the political affairs of 19th Century Europe and Latin America.

This 143rd episode of CS is titled Coming Apart

Europe in the late 19th C was recovering from the Napoleonic Wars. War-weary, the nations longed for a prolonged period of peace in which to take a breath, and consider HOW they were going to rebuild from the devastation recent conflicts has left. A plethora of new economic and political theories were available for them to choose from as they rebuilt. Most settled on economic and political ideas that were more liberal in terms of individual rights. The prosperity that had marked Holland became a model for a good part of Europe as they moved to a classic free-market system. With few exceptions, the governments of Europe adopted modified parliamentary systems.
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142-Off with Their Heads

The impact of the French Revolution on the Church in France.

The title of this 142 episode of CS is “Off with Their Heads.”

In this installment of the podcast, we’re going to give a brief review of The French Revolution, which may not seem at first blush to have much to do with Church History. Ahh, but it does. It does for this reason: What we see in The French Revolution is a proto-typical example of the Church, by which the institutional church, not necessarily the Christian Gospel and Faith, colliding with Modernity.
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