This week’s episode is titled “Buy One, Get One Free.”

We begin with a quote from the Early Church Father, Irenaeus, writing about the Gnostics –

These men falsify the oracles of God, and prove themselves evil interpreters of the good word of revelation. They also overthrow the faith of many, by drawing them away, under a pretense of superior knowledge, from Him who rounded and adorned the universe; as if they had something more excellent and sublime to reveal, than God who created the heaven and the earth, and all things therein. By means of specious words, they cunningly allure the simple-minded to inquire into their system; but they nevertheless clumsily destroy them, while they initiate them into their blasphemous and impious opinions . . . and these simple ones are unable, even in such a matter, to distinguish falsehood from truth.
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We take a look at how the Early Church settled on the New Testament Canon; the Didache & Shepherd of Hermas & two men who led abberant/heretical groups-Marcion & Montanus.

Episode 5. This week’s episode is titled “Books.”

The history of Christianity inevitably has to touch on the importance of Books. From its earliest days the Church has been intimately linked to the Scriptures. At first, Scripture was the Hebrew Bible or what is known today as the Old Testament. But other writings were added to the Church’s Bible as the years passed.
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We take a look at why & how Christianity came under suspicion in the Roman Empire, the Martyr mystique and 3 important church leaders; Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, & Polycarp.

Episode 4. This week’s episode is titled “Martyrs.”

Modern marketing tactics first produced, and now feed contemporary culture’s obsession for “the newest thing.” The label “New & Improved” is a frequent feature in packaging.
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We consider Paul’s methodology for spreading the Gospel and the Faith in competition with other sects from the East.

This week’s episode is titled “Cities.”

We ended our last podcast with a brief summary of the difference perspectives on the 1st & 2nd Generation Christians. The debate centered on what role the Jewish law held for followers of Jesus. Culturally-immersed 1st Generation Jewish believers tended to cleave to the law, while the more Greco-Roman acculturated 2nd & later generations adhered to the Gospel as articulated by the apostle Paul.
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We consider the transition from Jewish to Gentile Christianity and 1st to 2nd Generation believers

This week’s episode is titled – “Launch

We ended the previous episode with Jesus on the cross just outside the walls of Jerusalem late Friday afternoon. The Jewish leaders & Romans thought that was the last of the enigmatic trouble-maker from Galilee. For that matter, his closest followers thought that was the end as well.
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01-It Begins

In this first Episode of Version 2 of CS we consider . . .

How the first Jewish Christians viewed the Faith as well as some general comments about the podcast.

This week’s episode, our first, is titled “Really?”

The best place to start is at the beginning. but where is that exactly? In a history of the Church and Christianity where do we begin?
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